2018 – 2019 College Visits

Fr. Richard visits college students who attend his parish. “It is so important to go visit the college age parishioners and take them out to eat. Actions speaking louder than words – visiting them can be the best way to accompany and support them through their college years.” Luke 24:13-35 Road to Emmaus… imitating Jesus in this way… accompanying the young people of our time is the best way to assist their journey with Christ.

LEFT: Stephen Wenzel, Freshman at UNC Chapel Hill and parishioner at St. John the Evangelist, enjoys some good ole’ Haywood Smokehouse BBQ with Fr. Richard during his College Spring Break visit home.

BELOW: Fall 2018 Fr. Richard visits Raleigh. Stephen Wenzel (UNC Chapel Hill Freshman) and Sean LaFatta (NC State Senior) – both parishioners at St. John the Evangelist enjoy a steak dinner out with Fr. Richard Sutter, along with 5 other NC State Freshmen who graduated from Charlotte Catholic. Among the Charlotte Catholic Graduates were Matt Edel and Katherine Gustafson – both are parishioners at the Cathedral of St. Patrick where Fr. Richard served as the parochial vicar (2016-2018). Thanks to a kind and generous St. John the Evangelist Parishioner – Fr. Richard was able to take these college students out for a steak dinner.